September 12, 2011

Oh my I can’t believe I have not written since August 29th…oh yes I can…cause not a lot happens…REALLY it doesn’t. So I had forgotten about the lost credit card…hummmm, 2 seconds while I give him the evil stare…..Okay…stare done….Don’t think he even noticed!!!!!
So what has happened….Well Yeti Moo has been giving me grief because of the lack of my blogging…
Yeti…blog well under way!!!!
Had a few lovely ladies over for lunch and I decided I want to make a kind a jacket/baked potatoes bar …well that never quite happened but I did do Jacket spuds…(in the oven) I made a couple of fillings one being prawns in a thousand island dressing…(got to love tomato sauce/ketchup) So I made the sauce…and added the prawns…Well I need to add DOUBLE the amount of prawns than I originally had gotten ready…why? Well I will tell you why….All because the prawns where drowning in Thousand Island dressing…I mean ANY NEED??? Honestly they where…even when I add DOUBLE, yes DOUBLE of the amount of prawns they still looked like they were drowning…..
I have started back at the gym with Dan the man and I am swimming EVERY morning…no need REALLY…well there is a need…but there is not if you know what I mean….
I have started growing out my fringe/bangs…. Not sure if I like it…but I really don’t like having my fringe/bangs cut and looking like I have just been allowed out in the public!!!! I mean ANY NEED????
Also blow drying my hair most days…killing my arms but you know what….I am treating it as a work out like I have been to the gym…shame I can’t add it to my exercise page…
20 lengths of the pool (actually swimming!!!)
30 minute tread mill
20 minutes weights
30 – 45 minutes fighting to straighten fizzy hair …Again ANY NEED!!!!

Started thinking about Christmas shopping today…I need to get the ball rolling…but what will Father Christmas bring???? Well For J I have no idea…and even less for G…I was so stuck for ideas for G last year one present he got was a Meccano set….It’s still in the box…but I was thinking practical…unlike him when J got his first Scale Electric as 2 years of age…or the Lego that can be attached to the computer…which I believe in still in the box(he was older than 2 but even so….)…J and Lego would never be used in the same sentence…a bit like G ordering a cheese sandwich for himself…just would NEVER happen…May be if Lego had brought out a WWE series…but even then I doubt he would be interested.

I have read a couple of books….book club book all read….My choice so I liked it!!! REALLY I did.
Lots of choices I like in my book pile right now…sometimes I have a pile of books that I would rather use for a fire…but at the moment all the books seem good…well until next week when I am sure my mood will change…then I will complain, I have nothing to read!... I REALLY thought that 20 boxes of books we shipped here I would enjoy …nothing in there I want to read normally…seems my mood is improving!!!!

Spent a lot of time watching the rugby this weekend….I am very proud of my team...They never won, but played a good game and losing by 17 to 16…To all the Welsh team…you might be a large bunch of home grown lovely young men (well nearly all of you)…some needing to tie back their hair in case it gets in their eyes or some thug from the other team might want to pull your hair!!!!…I mean REALLY!!!! And you might not have the Dan Carter gene pool in your DNA but your Welsh and you are awesome!!!!!!
If you had have won I might have gone on a online shopping spree today with G’s credit cards…..If you DID win the world cup…I would not be shopping online I would be in the country of choice with G using his wallet….So Wales you will be in my daily prayers until October 23rd….. REALLY you will….

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