September 26, 2011

Well…..I am not a happy bunny, I lost an earring that has a means a lot to me….I am gutted!!!
Well I have looked, others have looked…it seems it is gone forever….not happy 

I am awake writing my blog at stupid o’clock because of 2 cats, that seemed to be under my bedroom window making the most awful noise EVER!!!!! I mean REALLY, ANY NEED????
We seem to have a lot of stray cats in our area….Which surprises me, because when you go to buy a cat her it cost something close to the price of a small villa in Tuscany….Well not that much but may as well be….I mean $1000 for a cat…They look like most of the strays I have seen around here, except they are in a class cabinet.
I have also noticed hardly anyone uses a pushchair/stroller here for their little children…most seem to carry their children or they are walking very young…Mums her must have more time on their hands than you can image…I mean REALLY…you need to go somewhere and the kids (under 2 or 3 year) are walking with you…I mean a 5 minute store trip must surely turn into a 5 hour trip or may be that’s the plan…and don’t get me started on those awful shoes the little’s ones wear here…They squeak with every footstep……Arrggghhhhhh
…But getting back to the pushchair /stroller thing….dog owners have strollers for their dogs…They also have special baskets on their bikes for the dog…I mean REALLY???? A dog is meant to walk…It needs to walk, come on People ANY NEED?
Then you have the end of the spectrum, some guy with a big fluffy German Sheppard, dog rides his scooter and the dog runs beside the scooter…So you either have pet owners who think their dogs are to fragile to walk on their own 4 paws so they dress the poor things up in silly outfits and take them out in their strollers or you get owners who think the dog needs to be at running speed for his daily exercise.

Had a night out on Saturday night and never got home until 1am…now for a lot of people this is not late for a night out…but as I am normally thinking at 6 pm “is it only 6pm…wonder if I can get away with being in bed by 7pm” Love night with a love bunch of ladies.

Yeti Moo has been here a week…Today I am taking her to Costco…I just know that this will be a highlight of her Japan trip…

We had a typhoon through here last Wednesday. I was like…’Has nobody ever seen a Welsh rainy day’
I soon realized it was not like a normal rainy Welsh day when we were driving home and I seen the door of a convince store window shattered, 2 trees blown down… Even school was closed that day.

Thursday I was at my art class. Just about to finish the class when somebody spotted a cockroach…well that was it for me!!!
Then the organizer came down the stairs and was going to ask me to remove a cockroach upstairs…hummm I refused to put on those slippers you had waiting by the door in because I have no idea who’s feet was in them last and you think I am going to move a disgusting bug? Hummmm NO!!!!
I have enough problems with people, animals with 2 legs…any more than 2 legs and your own your own buddies….

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