October 20, 2011

OH my, I can’t believe it has been so long since I last posted…almost a month…dear me….

So Yeti Moo has left….the house felt strangely quiet after they left…NOT because their loud, but because after a week you get used to somebody being there…after 2 weeks they become part of the furniture!
SoM is arriving next week….for my birthday.

J is away this week on a school field studies…..not amused as G also may as well not be here!
(Not because I am being mean, but because of work)
So I have been talking to myself which would not normally be a problem…but I am answering myself and I DON’T LIKE THE ANSWERS I am replying with!!! REALLY

Sooo…I tried to or I should say I downloaded the new version on my phone…sounds like I know what I am doing…..right?......WRONG!
Now my apps are in Japanese…I mean come on, ANY NEED, REALLY ANY NEED?!?!?!?
This had better be sorted soon or I will lose the plot!!!!!
I read and speak English…well I try, hence my phone was meant to be in English…my C/C linked to my account is from a Western, ENGLISH speaking country….come on guys…pull your finger out!!!!
Just NO need!!!! REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?!?
……Life is NOT a bed of roses while living overseas…they speak funny (and not funny haha)…Well not the same language me
Can’t find frozen peas, you have to play charades EVERYDAY not just at Christmas….TV is normally useless…showing the SAME programs 100 times a month… Normally crime shows…what is it with Asia and crime shows?
I don’t stand and stare at them…but they stand and stare at me!
I remember once being in a supermarket…having gotten used to people staring into the Westerners shopping trolley/Cart, somebody decided they wanted what was in my trolley…they picked it up took it and ran away…I mean please…they were in the next aisle on the middle shelf if you wanted them….…J, G and myself just looked at each other as if to say…”did that really just happen?
…….Right after that little rant I just typed up….…just checked my phone and ALL back in English!!!!!!
Way to go me…or the PC , I am sure it is me…REALLY…It must have been me!

I am still growing my fringe/bangs out….did think about going to just get it cut back into a fringe…but I always look like I should not be allowed around people when I have my fringe first cut….I might look like I should not be allowed around people anyway…who know????

I have ink painting tonight….I am still wondering if I like this craft or not.
Gets me out of the house….Nothing on TV at that time anyway J and G are normally doing stuff that makes it difficult to read…like..J calling ‘MOMMMMMMMMMM’ I need this or ‘MOMMMMMMM did you wash my PE kit’….. At times I so want to say no I left it were it was dropped it (cause it’s not always in the basket) Then there is G doing stuff….Not that their extra loud. But their moving around, light going on and off…so just not book reading time…G will not agree with this…he reckons I can read a book ANYWHERE.

This week also found me learning a new craft….the lady said to everyone…’ALL I ask is you pass on what you have learn, like I am doing’.…I mean how sweet is that?…REALLY, how sweet?

Monday of this week was book club and I never got there….The book was called ‘Room’ can’t believe I enjoyed this book…Well not enjoyed but had me wanting to sit back, feet and just read….
One of the lady’s in the group mentioned she would like to try a different style of book….I think the new Steve Jobs book that is coming out soon…great Christmas present…etc ..Then I find out over 600 pages….Yayyyyyy…NOT!!!!!
Next book is ‘Still life with Rice’ I am sure this will be a very interesting discussion.

Right as it is G’s Birthday I am off to make him a nice dinner…that has to be eaten before I leave for my class….

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michelleaust said...

I can't believe someone took something out of your trolley and ran off! That vision made me laugh and laugh...did you chase the person?