January 29, 2011

Friday morning off we set to see the Dr. No idea where this Dr. is based. I programmed the telephone numbers in to Miss Garmin and Ms GPS. I was told it was close to Nissan Stadium….Hummm well Nissan Stadium is 20 minutes away…this was a hour away…
Both of the navigations brought off the highway… Must be close, right? WRONG!!!!
I keep driving, while listening to J tell me all about twins…identical, un-identical and Siamese…at 7.30 in the morning I could really do with not hearing this.
We get to the hospital...register with a little help, and was asked if I had Japanese insurance, which I replied no…Well that will be 150% extra…WHAT???? Now I could walk out but if I do that where would I take J, I have no idea where to go, this Dr. has come highly recommended.
Hummm ok, you do take Credit cards right? Oh Yes I was promptly told…This makes me worry as well…
Because not all hospitals take cards, which makes me think oh no my poor credit card.
I also start think oh no the parking will be through the roof as well.
We then get sent to another wing and told to go and register as B…off we go to find 4 very, very smiley ladies on reception B they start waffling away in Japanese…The blank look on my face must said it all.
We sat down and with the charades played I gathered we needed to sit down and wait for our number on the screen…Well if that was all we needed to do that would have been easy…but no, we have to wait for our number to show on the huge TV screen and then we go to another area…A very nice Austrian man said are you ok did you understand that? He said if you need any help I can help you.
The man must have lived here 100 years because he was fluent in Japanese…he spoke with the nurses and even the Dr’s. He asked which Dr. I said I can’t remember, He said I think it is Dr.Blah blah…sound familiar…Oh he is a wonderful Dr, may be the best you can see.
Well in we go with this little old Austrian man following…he speaks away and he tells me I have told them I can help you if they can’t speak English…What an awesome man.
Dr. thankfully spoke enough English, Well this is not good he says but not the worst…’many many pain huh’ he asked…looks at the X-rays again, ‘hummm some lines on here are not good, painful, many pains’
He looks at J and says well ‘let’s not have you on these crutches for 3 months’
‘You’re kidding me right? 3 months?’ Any need? REALLY!!!
‘So we need physiotherapy or your ankle get very sick, we need lots of work…you have to do work as well’ Well J is in agony, pulled, prodded and poked…The Dr. says ‘you must not have sick ankle, too young’ he then showed J the exercises he could do at home…’Oh he said maybe not..Wait for physio’
‘I make referral letter quickly’ gives us more advice and info and we leave to pay.
I go to desk 2, I get handed a number told to wait….60 plus numbers in front of us we are number 534. I look up 520, 521, 522 ……….. 532, 533, 535…..hummm hello….number 534…oh yes I have to pay 150% extra so you need to make sure that’s added up right!!!!
So I wait and wait then number 570, 571, 572……..590
So up I go hand over my ticket and shrug my shoulders… No problem I am told….hummm
So I hand over my credit card…oh dear here we go….Well let’s just say my card and I breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been more expensive to have a dinner out.
So I am think well if that was so reasonable they must make up for it in car parking fees…NOPE ¥300…normally that is for half hour..Not 4 hours!!!!

Today my neighbor called, we were still in bed. We rushed to answer the door, the alarm was on so unless we wanted my friend screaming ‘INTRUDER ALERT’ we eventually open the door and she said I have stuff for you. The lady and her family are leaving. She gave me 2 heaters and humidifier plus a spare hairdryer that has been used 4 times…So any guests in future will have a hairdryer in the bathroom! I think the heaters will be finding their new home in our ice cold bathrooms!

So today off I trot to the gym and met with the trainer who is going to give me a programme to follow…
Well I have to say I have now given up on looking for the machine that will make me lose 20lbs in one session. I was extremely happy that he was not making me kill myself, but push myself without wanting to run away and never step back in the gym.
I have to say I was a little embarrassed with one or two exercises he has given me. Purely because of my size...I don’t have a shirt that covers me to my knees! I will stick to this! So with my walking, gym and my almond milk I am hoping to notice a difference in a month.
So he showed me how to use some of the machines. I might have well not even bothered going to the gym up to now. I was not doing 50% of the stuff correctly. MY BAD!

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