January 25, 2011

Today if I could have gotten back into bed and hid I would have.
Weekend can't come quick enough!
We set off for school, driving down the road and some obnoxious man came fly out of a side road on his push bike.
I beeped, he shouted, I got out the car, he rode off.. We watched him zip around cars and ride into oncoming traffic... Really any need!

I went to the gym and did my bit. Go me!!!
Came home did done chores and watched some TV.....then I found
some wholegrain pringles.... Well they were wholegrain so they not as bad as they be right...
So nearly every English TV channel is showing a crime show. I know now how to check for finger prints with superglue... I am thinking I might be able to work in any police station in the world and solve most murders... Well CSI, Law and Order, Bones, Criminal Minds just to name a few has showed me how!

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