January 27, 2011

Today was a GOOD day… well as good days go.
Had my to do list. I did some of what I needed to do... An afternoon sleep should have been on there.
By noon it was at the top of the list….
I hit the gym this morning and I do mean I hit the gym…Head first!
Laundry was done
Dinner was on… (Well the slow cooker was on)
I did start another job, but got bored and closed the door and left that one for another day!
I never…cleaned the car, I never sorted through J’s closet, and I never filled the heaters…and so on
But I did make Cinnamon rolls for the FUNraiser tomorrow for the Australian flood and Red Cross.
I even managed to make a healthy dinner and get in another bit of exercise.
So…GO ME!!! The fact that I did some things on the list is pretty amazing!

I am really trying to eat more healthy, not waste food and try and eat my main meal at lunch time…So after having a breakfast of left over Veggie couscous ( that was not to cold today), I drank my lemon water and thought ..Nah this is not cutting it I want chocolate…I did not crave in…I ate an apple…Oh man…it was difficult this morning. I did give in and drink a soda… but I have drunk about 20 glasses of water as well so hoping that makes it a little better…

While at the store (another thing on my to do list) I seen Chocolate soda…I thought shall I buy this for J?
Well I did, and he looked at it opened it and with a big smile He said ‘Mom’ (not Mum) ‘it smells like Dairy Milk’. I am yeah right…but when I smelt the bottle It did actually smell of chocolate...Whether it smelt of Dairy Milk I can’t comment.
All I can say is, YUCK!!!!
Also I noticed the Store had a new range of products as I walked into the store. The theme was strawberry…Strawberry biscuits, strawberry mallows, strawberry chocolates and strawberry corn puffs….YUCK!!!!
I mean strawberry corn puffs…REALLY? Is there really is no need

The Bag lady lent me a book yesterday… (Lent/borrowed…I have no idea which)
The book is called Sushi and Beyond by Michael Booth, pretty good book. Thank you TBL!

I am already starting to worry about tomorrow. J has to go to another appointment as things are getting worse with his ankle…Hoping the Dr. can actually do something…the poor kid is still in constant pain, still not getting better. Should be another fun filled day of play charades.

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