January 26, 2011

Thank goodness for kids knowing about electronics and how to use them!
Today I needed to get papers to G…Scan them and email he says….Humm yeah…Machine is Japanese…
So he could be waiting a long time for me to do this.
So J comes home finishes his homework and I say I need to somehow scan these for Dad, ‘give them here’ he says’ within 15 minutes he had scanned, emailed and was eating dinner…..
Now I will be honest….I have no idea about anything technical …I know how to email (just) sign into face book and now blog, (which I am still struggling with!)
Once I had lost WIFI connection …I turned off my PC and turned it back on…Nothing
I unplugged the mains to the internet box (no idea what’s its call)…Nothing
J says check you have not turned the WIFI button off… hummmm ok...I look around and I can’t see a WIFI button…No WIFI button the keyboard…. I turn the PC upside down…No WIFI button…I turning over and get my arms all crossed over…I find it!!!!…And nearly drop the PC.
I really should have asked how or watched what he was doing….but did I? …NO!

Today JA and The Bag Lady came for lunch…My couscous was to cold and my meat to tough.

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