February 17, 2011

To say I am a nightmare would be putting it mildly…I am making myself feel crazy with checking and double checking taps are off, cars are locked, wallet in handbag, car park ticket put in bag…etc etc.
It seems to be taking me so long to check things that I am getting later and later for things.
This week I went to Tokyo with Mrs. H, Miss G and Miss B. Mrs. H called and asked if I was ready to leave, I told her I would be leaving in 2 minutes. 12 minutes later I was still rechecking I had unplugged something for something like the 30th time. I mean any need really…which reminds me I had better go and check I have unplugged the same item now!........
I just went and checked THREE times and it was unplugged!
Nightmare or what?

So I told J that while I know he can’t do much we were heading outside even if it was just to the store.
J could not understand this….Apparently he opened his window yesterday and put his face by the window, so I am gathering in his mind that is a great way to get exercise and fresh air…
Exercise by walking to the window and opening it and then hanging out the window for fresh air and filling those lungs….Any need, REALLY!!!!

We went to the store….the main thing I needed was bin/trash bags.
I bought everything except the bin bags….Any Need!!!!
While at the store I knew I need rice for tomorrow evening. So I go to pick up a bag of rice….easy right? NO it’s not! Do you know how many types of rice there are in Japan? Well I will tell you…..100000000000000000000000000000000000000 well may be one or two zeros too many but I am not far off on those numbers
There is a whole aisle of rice….ranging from tiny bags which I am sure would be enough to feed a baby to 10kg plus bags….So which one do I pick???? Well I like the look of the one with the mountains and icy cool looking water…but at $40 I can live without the picture on the bag of the mountain.
I have no idea which bag to pick up…Some of the bags have a picture of a hand and a fish…
Does that mean it goes with fish only? Or it is handpicked by a fish pond??? Or is it picked by fish that spit it out…like that expensive cat coffee stuff…
I then saw 4 bags that looked similar except for the colour of the bags. So I said to J pick a number 1, 2, 3 or 4…He picked one so we picked up the orange bag!...I did look at the grain…all looks like pudding rice to me. I mean where’s Uncle Ben’s when you need it? I can even cook that one on the stove now thanks to Wellies.
Wellies never showed me how to cook anything except Uncle Ben’s. Wellies taught me one cup of rice to 2 cups of water…Not like that for Japanese rice. I do have a rice paddle with little bumps on…I think somebody made that for people like me…to try and save my rice/

I came home and unloaded the shopping, picked up a bag of chocolate chips that went EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere…I found some in my Jacket pockets when I looking for a receipt…ANY NEED!
Gold might actually be cheaper than chocolate chips…
To say this was not good would be putting it mildly….I picked up, swept, hoover and washed the floor…bet I still find more…I am sure I missed some!

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