February 15, 2011

Yesterday we had snow…not a little bit but a lot…Now I have to say, by the rest of the worlds standards it was a flurry…By this areas standards it was AWESOME!!!

Today is my anniversary, and yet another year we are not spending it together, him on one side of the world and me on the other. We have actually only spent 2 anniversaries together out of 12.
I have had a nice day (I am sure it would have been nicer if G was here) I did a few chores and a few errands; I needed a nap which I took!
I have actually taken to setting my phone alarm in case I do end up falling asleep and I miss the school run. I just know one day that will happen!
Ski break time so rest of the week NO school…Yayyyyyy.

Today I decided that I should change my name to Nigella, Delia and Martha. I made two new recipes, I NEVER used every pan I own, I cleaned up ASAP…I am getting sooooo good.
So I made crepes for the 1st time and Beer battered fish. Both went seemed to be a big hit. The kitchen I am sure stinks of fried fry…
The crepes I made Because Mrs. H called around last night and she brought some crepes she had made.
J wolfed them down, I think the Nutella over load helped as well.
So when J asked for crepes this afternoon I was like Ok come on then!!! I though surely it’s not that hard to make the crepes…Off I trottered to the kitchen and whipped up a batch of crepes.
I impressed myself, I made J happy….So go me!!!

I have also decided that it is ok to eat biscuits/cookies in Japan. I will tell you why….You buy a packed of biscuits, you fight to open up the outer wrapper, you think okay chocolate biscuits….yummm
Then you find EVERY one of those biscuits individually wrapped, and if you think the bigger outer wrapper was hard to open, you have NO idea how hard the smaller individual wrapped biscuits are to open. So by the time you have fought to open the biscuits you have used at least 100 calories opening each biscuit.
This actually makes me laugh. The Japanese are the recyclable kings. Their rubbish/Garbage system when you get used to it is pretty awesome. (Made me cry in the beginning)
You can’t put just anything in the wrong bin because the rubbish/garbage guys will sick a HUGE yellow stick it and they leave it there. No idea what these yellow stickers say…but what I am trying to say for a country that recycles and is red hot on rubbish/garbage they produce enough of it. I mean does the packet of biscuits really need a outer wrapper (which goes into plastics and not PET recycles) plus the 10 biscuits and their nearly impossible to open wrappers…I mean ANY NEED, REALLY!
May-be it is a sign that they are just not meant to be eaten…Nah!!! Biscuits where meant to be eaten!

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Lesley said...

Perhaps the extra wrappings on the biscuits are like all of the safety features on our "make life easier" electronic devices?
Do you want to eat a biscuit?
Is this the biscuit you want to eat?
Are you sure you really want to eat this particular biscuit?