February 22, 2011

Well I have not started to write a book like I wanted to…have enough problems trying writing this…
I love the idea of writing a book; I love the idea of sitting planning how the book will pan out… Characters, places it could be set…remembering something that has happened and laughing out loud and thinking …Oh that could be added to the book…lol
The way it is planned in my head it will need to have at least 24 follow on books , with all I want to put in there….But how can this happen when instead of writing (even here) the calling of Soaps or ANOTHER crime TV show is just too great to resist . Also Iron chef can be added to that every morning at 9am Tokyo time. Another crime is on the TV right now actually….
I was also thinking about how many of my New Year resolutions I actually kept to. I am thinking probably ZERO. Not sure I can even remember what I agreed to...

I think we had a good extended weekend….everything needed to be done was done, relaxing time with friends and Hubby finally home………..

By 8.15am on Friday morning we were in Tokyo for J’s physio appointment. It took us only 1 hour to get to there, which that time of morning I am thinking is good. Having to drive to Tokyo for one hour every week is a pain…not just because of the distance, toll road and time, but because afterwards we have to come home because he can’t do anything, Can’t really go to the International food stores (which might actually be a blessing because I always find more than I actually need and it always seems to end up in the cart.) We can’t go for lunch in case parking is too far...Blah, blah, and blah. Also where I want to go I am sure J would have no interest and I am almost positive he would let me know.
Friday night Mrs. H, N3, Miss G and Smiler came over for dinner. As I had no idea about the new type of rice I had bought, I asked Miss G if she would need help. After washing the rice and then telling me the rice needed to sit after cooking…I was like right not buying this again. I want rice I can buy wash cook and serve. You let meat rest after cooking, surely not rice as well….I need to get back to Uncle Ben’s rice. That is easy to use, does not stick together and you need a folk to eat it!

Saturday night we played board games at Mrs. H’s. I miss board games, it was so nice just chatting, playing, laughing and relaxing. At 9pm I looked at my watch and realized that that time the next day G would finally be home. I make it sound as if he was gone for months….Well it felt like it!

Finally G came home over 2 hours early, to say I was happy to have him home is an understatement. That night I was asleep by 9.30 and awake by 3am, It was the best sleep I had, had while he was away…I was not listening to every creek of the house (so bad at times where the creaking noises I was convinced one side of the house was going to fall down!)
G brought home my things I had asked for. Some clothes for J, one of my favorite’s seasonings, a couple of items that I had assured him that we needed and we could not live without. ( I am sure he did not actually believe we could not live without these items, but he brought them home without question..Thank goodness)
Then he produced the ‘gift’ WOOOOO HOOOOO the little blue bag (turquoise colour to me) I don’t know if I was more excited about the little bag and box or what was inside it. After opening the box and seeing what was inside and falling in love instantly (not quite like when I held J for the time, but close!) I soon forgot about the bag and box. I have to say I loved my gift and I could not have picked anything more fab if I had picked the gift myself.

Last night I hosted my first book club evening. Awesome group of ladies and the book was pretty good as well. This was the second book I had read with the book club. I am REALLY looking forward to the next one.


Janet said...

what was the gift?????

Caroline said...

Soooooo what was the gift?????????

Diary of me, REALLY said...

A lovely Tiffany's necklace.

Lesley said...

Nicely done G! I knew it was to be something from Tiffany's from the description of the wrappings.