February 5, 2011

This morning I decided I was going to IKEA. Off I drove…Still need Miss Garmin’s help to find the place.
I wander around and pretty much find EVERYTHING I need. I drove home and find one of the items was marked…and not a little mark but a monster of a mark. I carried on putting the other stuff together…
(You have to love IKEA stuff, so easy to put together!) Well the one thing just won’t go together. The dowels seem too long. I go get a hammer and start hammering the dowels. Still won’t fit…I have another go at hammering the dowels and then I hit a BIG chip out of the shelf…and still it does not fit!!!
So I call IKEA, (English menu) got through to somebody who speaks no English but was able to take my phone number. I was called back within 5 minutes. I explained the problem, I also explained how I had banged a big chip out of it…She gave me a customer number and said she would call the store.
J needs collecting from school and I need to go to IKEA so let’s kill 2 birds with one stone and drive 30 ish minutes out of my way I thought
I put the unit into the car as it was and went and collected J. Have to say when he heard we were heading to IKEA he was not happy.
We get to IKEA, take my two defected item into the store and they said we will get you a new shelf…hummm That’s fine but what about a new unit as this is not doing what it is supposed to according to your instructions?
Well needless to say…after what they told me would be 1 hours wait... (30 minutes actually) out came a new unit all made up and my other item replaced.

When I was in school I used to chew pens and pencils. Not my child, my child chew his cell phone….I was looking at the phone yesterday and thought that has a pattern on it. When I took a closer look I saw the teeth marks. I mean any need????
He informed me today that the screen is not working properly…hummm wondering if that’s the chewing of the phone…even if it’s not I am sure it’s not good for the phone to be chewed.
I am also sure it’s not healthy to chew a cell phone!!!

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