February 3, 2011

So the TV is on right now and it is a English speaking TV show. I just noticed that they are speaking in a foreign language..Well the sub titles are in Japanese so I have no idea what he is saying…AARRGGGHHHH

I have been to the gym for the last 2 days doing the program the trainer gave me. So I am thinking to myself, I will do this in 30 minutes max…Hummm not a hope. My diaphragm area (think that is what it is called) is hurting today, as are my legs, backside and shoulders. So is my head…not because of the gym, but because I knocked it on the cupboard door…
Is there ANY NEED!!!
I even bought keys for the gym today so I can go ANYTIME…hummm I am going to use them at least once every year…because I am sure I will never be the first there more than once!
Have to say can’t wait for the warmer weather so the pool will be open and I can do all my exercises in the water while getting a tan…because a sun tan really does make you look better…well makes me look better!
I had a really good day with the food today…no junk has passed my lips!!!
When I had a snack today I ate a kiwi fruit…yum yum… (The sarcasm is dripping from me!)
Drank my water…all 8 cups…No longer needing to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes…so either I am not actually drinking 8 cups or I am getting used to it now…(the water not the bathroom runs)

So today the house agent came to the house because I had heard a beeping somewhere in the kitchen.
It was not the fridge door left open and the timer on the oven was not on so I looked around and followed the noise to 3 thermostat looking devices….In he trots with a medical face mask telling me he won’t make me sick…He plays with the devices and tells me all is sorted….OK…we discuss how the house is insulated with single ply toilet paper. He says different…I send him into the downstairs bathroom and say well you stay there for a few minutes and tell me the place is not freezing. He says well use the heating…hummmm what heating? The bathrooms actually have heating….Who knew?
So needless to say, we will no longer freeze in the bathrooms…

I started to wax the floors today. I felt a bit like that guy from Karate Kid…Wax on, wax off. If my arms where not hurting before they are now! The floors looked OK, but if I do them every day for the next 2 months they might look a lot better!
Have to say I am getting very pleased with myself lately…I am actually finishing the jobs I start…This really is a first for me.
I am even remembering to water the plants.

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