February 7, 2011

After getting over my two trips to IKEA in one day, the weekend was pretty awesome.
So after having dinner with friends Friday night, Saturday was a pretty laid back day.
I did a few chores during the day, (buy and replacing light bulbs, detergent shopping) really exciting chores…..
I then got ready to go to Burns night on my lonesome.
I tried on 16 outfits, each outfit came from different size/diet stages of my life…Why I would decided to try on/pick what I was wearing 25 minutes before I went out I have no idea….
I arrive at the event to see how much effort everyone had put in. The guys were wearing their kilts. The ladies looked beautiful.
As soon as the tables were moved to make way for the dancing I left and went into the bar to play darts…MY WAY! If I get under 10 in a throw I take the dart and throw again…
Then after drink more Cola than was really necessary I drove home and was awake all night.
So after calling G for most of the night to tell him I could not sleep I finally nodded of around 4 in the morning
Then went to some local community thing in the park where they were banging hot stick rice with mallets….REALLY!
It was explained to me that the community got together a few times a year, and this was where we would camp out if lost our homes to an earthquake or such.
It was pretty cool to met our neighbours, who ALL tried to make us feel welcome.

Today I went to the gym, washed and cleaned my car inside and out (found 17 water empty water bottles) finished 2 craft projects, spoke with Yeti Moo, rechecked that I have turned the water of over 20 times..(Well water is expensive here!!!) All before 12 noon….Go me!!!!!

Tonight myself and Mrs.H went walking…we seen a garden that had a Mickey Mouse fence….REALLY
There were also Mickey Mouse lanterns along with one or two other Mickey items….Any need!
Some pretty awesome houses in pour neighbourhood…I just don’t understand why when you have something like a five bedroom house why do they only give you parking space????
The parking space is normally not big enough for your car….Any need???

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