February 8, 2011

Today was an interesting day; I found 2 English TV channels I never knew we had. So in true Wendy fashion I checked them out by sitting on my backside and watching them most of the day…well not when I had my HUGH nap,
I must have been extremely tired from picking the TV remote up , swapping channels, put the remote down, picking the remote up again to switch to the other new channel. That must be why I needed that nap. What I like about the new channels is, they don’t seem to show Crime shows. No Law and Order, No CSI, No Nay NCIS, NO Lie to me, and No The Unit. While I like some of these shows, there is only so much crime you can take!
One show I watched was Iron Chef US. The secret ingredient today was Cat fish… (Yuck)
Most of what they did with the Cat fish was also YUCK!!!!! Cat fish in an icing sugar batter to be dipped in Mexican melted chocolate…Yuck! Cat fish Carpaccio, 3 different flavours of it!!!! YUCK. Cat fish with the back bone kept in as a chop…YUCK! If I do eat fish...No shell, no skin, no eyes or tails and no knobble sticking out like a chop….
I am looking forward to the next show…REALLY I am.

Tonight we went to Jolly Pasta for dinner with Mrs. H and N3.
I mean I was so tired after my nap that I needed to avoid the kitchen. I looked at the menu (which is all in Japanese) Thank goodness for the pictures on the menu. I have noticed here in Japan that a lot of dishes come with soft boiled/poached eggs. I see one dish and think ok …but I start worrying incase this has fish in…YUCK!!!! So J asked in Japanese if there is fish…to which I get a perfect English reply…No only meat…Have to say it was a nice-ish dinner. I would go back and have another meal. J wolfed down his pizza before anyone had finished…strange really because but some food in front of him and we could be there a LONG time!

Thursday I am having a Pot luck lunch here, I have no idea what I will make…I mean any need? I should know already, It is Tuesday night…salad, chicken, pork, potatoes or desserts????
I have no idea…may be some sausage rolls…then I make some for J and make life easier….May be a pie, a pasta salad, apple pie, brownies or bread and dips….I have no idea.
I had better make my mind up soon or it will be crackers and cheese!

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