May 29, 2011

I got on the scales yesterday (no idea why I did that) No real exercise done this week…But I lost weight…..Yayyyyyyyy
So I treated myself to a bowl of ice cream…I know…I can image the eyes rolling…I am doing it now…Who loses weight and treats them self to ice (well I never actually said yes I am treating myself to a bowl of ice cream, but it all happened in a very close time period!)….Arrrggggghhhh

I am having trouble keeping awake during the day…ridiculous really, I think I need to make sure I schedule in an afternoon nap every day. I am typing this I am trying to think how I can find an excuse to go nap…but the problem is I am going into deep sleep mode…. Then I am walking around in a even more dozier state than normal!

This week Charity and I went to another Japanese craft class, this time we made Japanese paper doll book marks…My attention span actually lasted the whole time, which I think surprised everyone…Still no Koi paper…ANY NEED????

This morning I went to my first dragon boat race where G and colleagues had entered a team…
This is where you have 20 people in a long wooden boat, with a dragons head on the front.
You have a person at the front banging a drum and a person at the back steering and 18 others in rows of two rowing (J and G were paired up, extremely happy child) …Well today was a very, very wet rainy day and I think I got as wet as the people in the boat. No need REALLY!!!!!
I told one look at the water and thought hummm is J’s tetanus injection up to date? I felt no better when they were in the boat and heading to the starting point and I seen a dead fish slapping against the sea wall….I mean come on, any need?

So I decided I was going to make Washi eggs…
This where you use Japanese paper, some of the papers are beautiful… (Some are just plain ugly and the designer or maker of that paper must have drunk to much Saki)
So I go on YouTube and find a way to make washi eggs, I actually found how to blow out eggs….(yukkkk!!!!) I the measured my eggs, measured the paper and cut it to size. I then painstakingly pasted every piece of paper slowly and carefully…. Some of those ugly papers look a lot better on the egg.
Well know I am addicted to making these Eggs…the paste is drying on my hands and this is minging!!!
I am not quite sure how I get so much paste on my hands but I do.
I have made normal chicken size eggs, I have Quail eggs, all ready to be decorated and I have even attempted to make the plastic kids eggs you get at Easter.
Guessing, and it is just a guess that my attention span just might be growing!

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