April 1, 2011

Well I was home, as the aftershocks where hitting extremely often….I was like OMG, but G and J’s reaction was so blasé about each and every one of them.
Sunday morning I decide we are off to Costco, we needed some stuff.
We arrive at Costco to find that we have to queue to line up with our trolleys/shopping cart to get in.
We were finally at the front of the queue to get on the escalators. The elevators open and we barge across like we are in the race of life…I mean go on the escalators which take forever or take the elevator which only take a half a lifetime…no brainer, right?
So we are in Costco doing our shopping…5 cases of water…usual amount...We picked up another case as well because…well just because. We bought a case of toilet roll…because we were running low and I was not driving all the way back there just for that.(also mentioning it because since March 11th i some areas you were only able to buy 1 toilet roll per person or NO toilet roll at all... I mean REALLY??? Toilet paper would not be at the top of my shopping list!) Went and got some veggies and fruit and headed for the check out where people were buying cases of batteries that would properly last through the next two generations of their families. Also they were buying cases of toilet rolls and cases and cases of water.
We get back home and unpack and head out for a quick lunch…
We find out that there is no school the following day…Many thinking there would be no school for the rest of the week…which was correct.
G decided that J and I were going away…hummm no way mate…..Well next morning it was decided that we were leaving.
Tuesday night finds us at the local airport on route to Singapore…. One hour before we are due to take off I run to the bathroom and at that exact time we have ANOTHER big shake!!!! Well two big ones to be exact.
I am thinking REALLY???? This has to happen right now? I mean ANY NEED!!!! ..REALLY!!! No need for any of them no mind when I am in the bathroom. I leave the bathroom and say what was that...Yes I really did ask that question... Everyone had stopped and looking around...as another one hits...
Lines where down it seemed as I was not able to check for at least 10 minutes on the earthquake where, how big and level... Nor was I able to Text friends I other parts of the airport, but as soon as lines where back I think we were all checking the sites we know off by heart

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are at least enjoying your stay in Singapore. So very happy that you are all safe. JF