April 15, 2011

I checked my phone to see what the weather is like in Singapore, rain, rain, rain and some more rain!!!!... Well that's rubbish because while it does rain the sun also beats down and the humidity... Well don't get me started on that!!!
After a horrible, horrible night flight where J seems to think he can just spread out like in his own bed, we arrive in Singapore. It's not even light there.
Check in, get something to eat and then I promptly fall asleep!
During the time we are in Singapore it is actually J's spring break, with a bit of online school thrown in.... Which I swore I would never have anything to do with after the H1N1 home schooling in Korea, where I threatened to push somebody over the balcony if I ever had to do that again.... It still sends cold shivers down my spine thinking of the H1N1 home schooling... REALLY
So while we were there we watched English movies, we played ball (my arm is still hurting) we walked, Jamie found a restaurant that served enough rice for an army in one sitting and he also ate for an army!!!
We got to know people better, we made new friends we spent time with friends... While all the time wanting to return to our hone in Japan, but also nervous about the prospect of not really know what was/is happening with the nuclear reactor.

While there I even managed to tick off one of my bucket list items. (Having a Singapore sling at Raffles)

Spending time with Mo3 was great, THANK GOODNESS FOR Mo3. Also seeing friends from Japan in the same situation as us was somewhat of a comfort if that is possible.
We also had dinner at a friend’s house. It was great seeing friends and great seeing J with his best friend from when they both lived in Korea.

J loved having Subways most lunchtimes. They knew what he wanted without him asking by the 4th day...I mean really...He thinks the bit of lettuce in the sandwich was a big deal towards daily fruit and veggies...I mean REALLY!!!!!

One day Orange Ping Pong said come on over for the day. So off J and I set, I met a lovely friend of Orange ping pong, but can't remember the name we decided on for her. (Lemon flower rings a bell...no I was not drinking lemon vodka at the time!) J was happy as he was with kids and he was happy... I was happy it was not just me and J, and me hearing he bored, or having to listen to the WWE show that had already been on 20 times!!! Or that we were heading to Subways!
While with Orange Ping Pong we went to the wave house He went on the Wave house thing which is like a wave machine thingy type thing. So I sign him in... I sign the consent forms and then I had to show I.D ...Not for J to say he was of a certain age but my I.D...I mean REALLY!!!!
So Orange Ping Pong must have ordered the WORST drink EVER...Celery and tomato smoothie..Another shudder as I think about it...blahhhhhh

One nice thing was I got to meet another great lady where we were staying who I wished I had met sooner. She was a blast…Thank you my Irish/Canadian friend for making me laugh… I hope you found all your British Cadburys.

Have to say everyday was pretty good for J if not in the arcades he was at a movie or in the pool, eating a subway or asking when we were heading back to Japan.
One weekend J and I had the fishy feet Thingy. We went in to a fishy eating you feet place, and there was 3 tanks. The 1st tank had baby fish, the 2nd slightly bigger and the 3rd could have been baby sharks in training!!!
I had arranged to meet Orange Ping Pong on another day ... But J was sick, so I promised I would take J back to Sentosa before we left.... BIG mistake... We arrive at Sentosa and he heads straight for the Segways... Which he then fell off and was violently sick. NOT LIKE MY KID...HUH?!?!
The staff where amazing, they arranged for us to go back and have another go, BIG mistake, NO I take that back HUGE mistake... We went back on the day we were leaving. This time I also went on the Segway (which I hated and it hurt my feet!!!) I also fell of the Segway and landed on my backside (broke the art!!!) screamed in pain then had to fly out that night on a plane with sliding seats... Arrrrggghhh!!!!
We came home, I promptly fell asleep, was rudely awoken and we headed straight to Costco.
We lined up with the rest of Yokohama and waited to go into Costco.
We headed straight to the cases of water. While there we decided to buy another family size packet of toilet paper (which is enough for 3 families)... Seems toilet paper is worth as much as water these days or even a much as gold! One Japanese man was smirking at the cases of water I would normally buy in a month... As I am looking at a Japanese couple with 6 cases of toilet paper and a case of water, I mean REALLY!!!! You think my water is funny... (Remember the toilet paper is enough for 3 families and they have 6!!!) But you don’t find the 6 cases of toilet paper and one case of water worth a smirk???

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