March 6, 2011

Well busy, busy week…Indian cooking class learnt 2 new recipes to add to my collection that I will probably NEVER cook. Still playing online word game with friends, Spoke with Yeti Moo,and SoM. We also had Kristpoher the Danish Gymnast stay with us. What an amazing kid…well amazing 20 year. Took him out for dinner as I had no idea what he ate…Him and his perfect English where doing back flips in the middle of the restaurant. I was so nervous about this, no idea if we were have a girl or boy for the home stay, No idea about the language…(his was perfect!) Allergies etc...What he would eat and not eat…He was a total sweetheart. I just hope he was not hungry at anytime.
When I drove him to the school on the last day, I was extremely sad to see him leave. If all home stay kids are like Kristopher we will have 10!!!!

I had a beautiful gift from JJ. She said just because you’re a friend….I mean how lovely it that???
Thursday I could put Costco off no longer…I decided just get in the car and go…For some reason Thursday is not the day to go to Costco…No idea why… I also managed to get of there without thinking “did I really spend that amount???” so very happy with that…lol

After dropping of Kristopher and 2 of his team mates I seen my Aussie Star for lunch on Friday, Don’t get to see her very often, but when I do She just makes my day!!!! Thank you My Aussie Star! The Beef pie was awesome as was the baked beans!

Had dinner with Mrs. H, Miss G, LLL and their husbands last night.
My menu …(that sounds posh. Well it does for me…normal I would say…I did……)
For something to nibble on I made a Veggie, herb mix and a tomato salsa
Fresh homemade tomato soup with parmesan crisps
Roast dinner with Beef, lamb and Yorkshire pudding made from scratch and they worked!!!!
Then Brownies, with raspberry cream, and pineapple and chili and Blueberry crème brulee…Go me!!!

Only 2 more sleeps then I go to Guam. So many errands to run before I go…not enough time in the week for a stay at home mother!!!!

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