January 22, 2013

Ok…so it's been a while…A long while…. Hummm so what's happened…nothing that I can think of before christmas really. I did go to Korea…I ate more Korean food in the 3 days I was there than I did in the 3 years I lived there. Still don't really like it. We did go away for christmas….I LOVED IT…never wanted to come back. I don't actually like going on holiday/vacation (but always feel like I need a holiday, but never want to go on one) As I leave the house to go on Vacation/holiday…I need to check the taps are off, that dryer door is closed so the light bulb won't go. I need to check the iron, that I know hasn't be used in the last 24 hours…but you never now somebody might have turned it on. I need to recheck the taps and windows, then recheck the taps and windows again and maybe again until I get the look from G or J. We get to Cardiff,….(Cardiff airport is small…I think I have been in big Starbucks!) Normally at Cardiff airport when you get off the plane..(straight on to the tarmac) Then they make you walk at least a mile around the airport. I think its to make people believe the airport is actually bigger than it is. In reality I think its to give them time to get your bags on the moving thingy. …So we get through customs, and as the car hire place is closed (2 hours before we landed…DUH!!!) G had ordered a taxi. There was the taxi driver with a board with our name on. J is trying to tell me that the driver looks like Einstein. Then I started trying to see his face….He really did look like Einstein. He must have been a descendant, he really was the spitting image of him. We get to the flat…not sure how I really felt, apart from tired and wanting to get to bed. Far to tired to even go and get a takeaway. So I wake up around 3am and go have a bath… Forgetting how small the flat is, having a bath at 3 am for a few mornings on the trot was starting to take it toll on G and J….with the flat being so small they could hear the bath running and the TV being on louder than it should be… Oh well. We went to a few movies, one being 'The Hobbit' I now believe there might actually be some real life Hobbits….Seriously…There was a few 'Hobbits who came into that cinema…Honestly there were a few Hobbit people…Not sure if they had dressed as Hobbits or if they looked liked that everyday. On the way back to Japan, we had a stop over in Amsterdam. We had actually forgotten about the 1 hour time difference. G spoke to a lady at the desk who rang the boarding desk. G said we will be 5 minutes, to which she said you don't have that long…. So we ran…Yes I did run…Not all the way but enough. I made J hold my Duty Free shopping bags so it would not look like I had been shopping (honest that was not why we were late boarding) we get on the plane and our seats are gone…other people were sat in them….Hummmm oh no….I am feeling quite emotional, but not because my seat was giving away, but because I was dying from the running. They check the other peoples tickets and then The Stewardess, asked us to follow her…To the front…Yayyyyy!!!!! I did have a nice sleep and it made up a little for having to leave Cardiff. Everyone was very nice. It had been announced that they were waiting for passengers from another plane...Well we were on another plane just a few a few hours before, not hoping off it there and then. Well we are home and almost 3 weeks later I think I still have jet lag. I think needing a nap EVERYDAY must be the jet lag!!!! G is away for a month, not even been away a week..hummmpppt Saturday I decided I would drive up to Tokyo to see J's basketball game. I normally don't have to do the driving, thats G's job to get us there. One of the other parents joined me, which I was SOOO thankful for. So go me!!!! I knew I had to take a bike back to Bubbles….Just was not happening…So on Monday morning, I was up and out the house just after 4 am. I was like hummm do I ride the bike or just walk beside it (being 4am nobody would be around to see me make a fool of myself) …one of the reasons i went out so early. I did sit on the bike but not for long….I then had the dilemma of which hill would I have to take to get there. It had to be one that was not like going up Everest. Well I decided to use what I thought was the shortest hill but may be the steepest….so I start walking up it…I was stopping and starting.My throat was hurting, my lungs I think had come close to bursting or collapsing which ever one hurts the most…. I look up the hill and see the light at the top….I think I know about that rebirthing thingy now….you know where people spend a fortune on being reborn or something, then they feel fantastic or something…well I have found a free way. Walk up a dark road, with a VERY steep hill, the bigger the struggle to get up that hill the better. Then look for the light at the top of the hill. When you get to the top of the hill with lungs close to bursting…you need to scream, not sure if its the pain or just getting to the top of the hill. So thats my budget tip for 2013 for somebody who is thinking of rebirthing!!! I did feel fantastic at the top of the hill. Not sure if it's because I made it up there or I was close to finally dropping the bike off. When I got to Bubbles and left the bike, I hit the metal post and hoping it would not wake up the everyone in the neighborhood…because at 4.30 am everything is louder….(ask G and J about baths being run at 3am…They don't complain when the bath is run at later in the day) Well after running around the corner Well quick jog…I turned the iPod up and started to walk home, wishing I had the bike to go down that hill….Im sure it would have been a bit of a Titanic movie moment…You know where Kate Winslet is stop on the railing thingy with the wind blowing through her hair….Well if I had rode that bike down that hill I would have had the wind blown through my hair just like the movie it would have been a sad end…not because the bike would have sunk…but I would have fallen off somewhere maybe leading to a tearful end of a bike riding part of my life. I can see the comedy sketch now as I go over the handlebars and land head and shoulders deep into the remaining snow!


Karen Crabbe said...

Soo funny Wendy. www.karenscckitchen.com

Karen Crabbe said...

So funny Wendy. I always look forward to your next story :o) Karen

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